Daith Piercing Update: Bumps and Healing

Hello lovelies! For today’s post I’m going to give an update on my daith piercing, as well as some tips and tricks to get rid of those pesky daith bumps!

While researching, I saw some forum-related posts about daith bumps, but not any formal blog posts that are more informative. However, I recently got my first (keloid, I believe) bump and I’m in the process of healing it!

You can catch my first daith update here.

Just a quick summary: I got my daith pierced on February 24th, 2017. I changed the rod out for a ring after 7 weeks, and I didn’t get my first bump until June! Also, yes, my daith piercing has helped my migraines despite what my lovely piercer Eric (Props to New Vision if you’re in the Gainesville area) told me. Even if it’s the placebo effect, I’ll take it!


So, today is the first day I realized I had a bump! I turned to many forum websites to research further about it, and talked to a couple of my friends who have dealt with cartilage piercings as well.

Daith Bump Day One

Don’t fret! If you have a cartilage bump, they are normal! They stem from wounds trying to heal. Your piercing is a foreign object to your body, and it’s trying to push it out. To avoid these kinds of bumps avoid aggressive cleaning, and don’t sleep on the side the piercing is until it’s FULLY healed.

Daiths, unfortunately, are tricky in the healing process. Most websites say the healing time is 6 months to a year, while my piercer replaced my jewelry around 7-weeks and told me it had “healed nicely.”

Just clean them every day and take good care of your ear!

So after I did further research, I found that the most productive method of healing cartilage bumps is sea salt soaks. However, the daith is such a weird spot, I wanted to find a way to avoid sticking my entire ear in a bowl of hot sea salt water– and I did! As a bonus, it seems to be working!

The Healing Process

So my bump is already looking better! The method I discovered for cleaning it requires three things:

1. CVS Sterile Saline Wound Wash (Essentially salt water spray.)

2. Cotton Rounds (You can get these at any drugstore/grocery store.)

3. PURE Tea Tree Oil

What I’ve been doing so far is spraying the wound wash onto a cotton round, and folding the round up and holding it on my bump. Basically, I soak the bump for around 2-3 minutes twice a day; this is essentially the sea salt soak, but in an easier way!

Then once a day, or once every other day, I put a couple drops of tea tree oil on the cotton round and dab it onto the bump. Tea tree oil can be irritating for some people, and if that happens to you stop using it. However, I saw many great reviews on using it for cartilage bumps, and it seems to be helping me as well! I also use it for my acne when I have a bad break out.


Day Two Progress

It may not look it, but the bump is a lot smaller today.


After about a week the bump should be gone or almost gone! If you have more questions or concerns, go talk to your piercer and find out what works best for you.


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