The F Word

Hello, my feminist friends!

Around a year ago, I wrote an article for Odyssey called “The F Word” but I felt compelled to write somewhat of an update here. In my previous article I wrote a lot about how feminism is not a dirty word, and the effects that the negative rhetoric of our society on rape culture. I reiterated my point over and over, and I think I need something a little more fluid. Without further ado…

Feminism. What does it mean? To put it simply, feminism is the expression of equality among the sexes. Men and women are equal. Right?

Then why is it, that when I tell people I am a feminist, they look at me with disdain? Why is believing in equality something that is so radical? Emma Watson makes it look easy.

In my opinion, the extremist feminists are the ones that give this radical example. They are “men hating” and “bra burning”, which is not the point of feminism. If you hate men, you are not preaching equality, and those “crazy feminists” are the ones setting the standard for the no-so extreme.

Thus, when I have conversations with some of my liberal friends they often tell me that while they believe in the concepts feminists talk about, they don’t identify with feminism. Why?

I’ve also heard the argument that we should change the word feminism to equalism– which I can understand. But my argument to that is, FEMINISM IS NOT A DIRTY WORD.

This rhetoric around dirty feminism has nothing to do with what we are actually doing. Preaching equality, is not something that is men-bashing. I believe that I can do anything a man can do. I am smart, educated, and talented. Why can’t I be a doctor or a journalist? Why can’t I make the same amount of money as my male counterparts?

THAT is my goal. Wherever my career path takes me, I AM going to be making the same amount as my male colleagues doing the same job as me. I AM going to be worthy of my position, and I AM not going to stand for any different treatment just because I was born with a vagina.

Feminism is not a derogatory word. It is a safe word. Feminism means equality for the sexes. Simply, we are all equal.

Just because we have different anatomy, we are equal. We are powerful.

The future, my friends, is female.

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2 thoughts on “The F Word

  1. Really well put!
    I’ve seen hundreds of wasted minutes spent arguing about what feminists should call themselves. If you are an egalitarian or equalist who truly understands what feminism means, you should not make it a priority to complain about the word ‘feminism,’ (and people also shouldn’t try to stop people from using the words ‘equalism’ or ‘egalitarianism’). You’re on the same side!!

    1. Thank-you! No, I totally agree. We’re on the same team, and the rhetoric around “feminism” can be so negative– and it’s something that needs to be altered!

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