Most Aesthetic Places To Visit In Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville may be known for its country music and constant flow of up and coming musicians, but it also is the home of some modern-aesthetic art and shops. My brother and I went to Nashville this week, and part of my mission while in the city was to discover as many wall murals and drink as much coffee as possible. I found some cute places and made the best of my three days in the city!

The Soda Parlor Sign by Katiee-Rose

My favorite place in Nashville (and truly the reason my brother and I go so often) is The Soda Parlor.  The Soda Parlor is a unique shop filled with every kind of ice cream float you can imagine, and all the nostalgic arcade games that are free to play! My brother and I could spend hours here (in fact, we have) but it’s even more special to us because it was created by comedian Olan Rogers, who we’ve watched on YouTube for years now. We actually met him at the grand opening!

I recommend, for all my vegan friends, trying the lavender-vanilla Italian soda! However, if you are eating dairy, my brother always gets the Moose-Tracks ice cream, double scoop!

Another thing I love about The Soda Parlor, is the upstairs area. You can play old school Nes, while also chilling on the couches up there. Super cozy. If you’re an Olan fan, he also has his merch available for purchase (I got some lightening socks and a sticker this time!)

While we’re thinking about restaurants, knowing me, I had to scope out the best coffee shop in Nashville. While I was out taking pictures of various murals (which we’ll get to next!) I passed Frothy Monkey Coffee House. While Frothy Monkey is also a restaurant that serves dinner and wine, they also have the *best* coffee, and alternative milk options!

Frothy Monkey Coffee by Katiee-Rose

Not to mention, Frothy Monkey is walking distance from all the cute art murals and flower shops in Nashville! I went to the 12th Ave location, and pretty much walked to all the murals I wanted to see (minus the infamous Nashville Gulch Wings, but they were only a few minutes away!)

While I was researching the best art to find in Nash-vegas, I came across this blog: 

I went to almost every single one! If you’re curious about the addresses, you can find them all on her blog post.


My favorite would have to be the “Make Music Not War” mural, that one was walking distance from Frothy Monkey! Also, check out @KelseyMontagueArt on Instagram, her wings are gorgeous and you can even peep the baby wings (perfect for a doggo) in the bottom right of the wings shot.


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Also, let me know if you know some more cute places in Nashville I need to check out!