Love (Always) Wins.

Photo by Kaila DiMarzio

In the midst of #PrideMonth, I am sitting here reflecting on my past with the LGBT+ community and how it has impacted me.

I remember sitting in my room on June 26th, and reaching for my phone. I logged onto Facebook (because that’s where everyone gets their news these days, right?) and I saw that LOVE WON. We did it.

As I raised my arms in celebration, I wondered why it has never been this way before. Why couldn’t people accept that love, in every form, is love? What is so hard to comprehend that sexuality is a spectrum?

While this baffled me, and still does to this day, I remember that not everyone can understand for the belief that it’s against their religion; or even coming down to being heterosexual and unable to relate to anyone that differs in sexuality. With “straight” being “normal” we are predisposed to the idea that any other sexuality is wrong.

We are taught that describing something as, “gay” is negative, and “no homo” is a phrase used to justify doing something semi-romantic with the same sex.

Photo by Lindsay Thomaston

These are words we should stop using in derogatory ways.

The people in my life that identify as LGBT+ are the best people I know. I love them inside and out, and would never try to change them. Who am I to try to alter the way someone chooses to love?

The closer I am to the city, I more often see openly gay and lesbian couples, but in my small mountain-town it is a rarity. There is more of an elderly demographic, despite the college smack in the middle of town. However, the few people I do see that are out (my dear friends, you know who you are) are simply the happiest people I’ve ever known.

They’re absolutely beautiful, and this is what “normal” should look like.

Photo by Anna-Grace Kidd

So, we go to the pride festivals, we wear rainbow with tutu’s and knee-high socks. We celebrate love in it’s loveliest form: it’s true form.

Love does not take shape in one certain way; it comes in all shapes and sizes, and fills the hearts of everyone it touches.

Love is pure.


is love.

Photos by Lindsay Thomaston