Last Man Standing Should Not Have Been Canceled, From A Liberal Perspective

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Hello, my feminist friends!

Warning: There are spoilers in this post!

This weeks post is a little different from my regular feminist hoopla, because it’s something very close to my heart.

If you don’t know about Last Man Standing, it’s a conservative family sit-com starring Tim Allen. Now, this does not sound like a show a liberal-feminist would watch, right? Wrong. And here’s why.

Contrary to popular belief, many of the characters on the show are liberal (Kris, Ryan, etc) and they are characters I love. The show is about more than Mike Baxter’s republican vlogs, it’s about family.

Baxter could be my father. From their love of hunting, football, red meat, and politics– I have never related to a family-man more. While I may not agree with Baxter’s politics, I find myself enjoying his take on life, because it resembles someone in mine.

This show highlights the significance of the family dynamic. Kris, who got pregnant in high-school, is showered with help and understanding from her sisters and parents. Mandy starts her own fashion brand, and becomes very successful, while working from her parents basement. Eve eventually gets into the air force academy, and her parents couldn’t be more proud.

Now, I am a sucker for a good sit-com, but this show is so much more than that. It shows that the family bond is stronger than any political view– and honestly, it’s a breath of hilarious fresh air because it’s not very common that you see conservative family comedy.

Last Man Standing was abruptly canceled, and many of the actors (including Allen) have said that they are upset about not being able to properly say goodbye. ABC has given inconclusive answers as to why they canceled the series, but it is speculated that it’s because of Baxter’s conservative political views.

CMT has been mentioned as far as wanting to reboot LMS for a season 7, and if that’s something you’re interested in you can sign this petition.

LMS is not just for conservatives, but it’s for anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It’s for everyone. And for me, I am upset they allegedly canceled the show because of someone expressing their political views.

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, despite who you voted for.


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2 thoughts on “Last Man Standing Should Not Have Been Canceled, From A Liberal Perspective

  1. I couldn’t agree more! As a culture we should be promoting the idea that families can be supportive even if they disagree politically.

    And on a larger scale, if people go around silencing those with differing beliefs, we’ll never change anything.

    I’ve never seen Last Man Standing, partly because I heard it was conservative. But you’ve completely persuaded me. I’m gonna start watching it tonight (and then probably be really sad when I get to the abrupt end)

    1. Yes! See, I remember my dad watching it and I thought it was funny, so I started it. At first it was too conservative for me, but once I gave it a chance I grew to love all the characters and the epitome of family.

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