The Girl That Goes To Concerts

Hello, my feminist friends!

Today blog post, as per usual, is centered around something personal that I haven’t talked about much on my blog: concerts and terrorism.

What we see with these senseless attacks like Manchester is a rise of broken hearts. From the survivors, victims, artists, and people who find a save haven in going to concerts. There is a fear, now, at every concert that this show could be the one.

Going to concerts is my safe place. For a few hours, I am my happiest. I see the good in people, connect with thousands, hear songs live I had played in my bedroom while laying on the floor with incense burning. My heart over flows, quite literally with bass beats and drum solos. Tears fill my eyes when I see some of my favorite humans pouring their heart out on stage.

Being the girl that goes to concerts is my favorite description of myself, and I would be nothing without them.

I went to my first show when I was very young (I want to say 12-years-old?) and it was The Cheetah Girls ft Hannah Montana. I fell in love, and from that day forward the only thing I ever wanted as a gift was a pair of concert tickets.

Luckily, my step-mom has an identical taste in music to my own, and she became my concert buddy. We went to so many shows together. As I got older, I started to go with my friends and others. I would say I go to 4-8 concerts a year.

Each time, I have a small fear in the back of my mind that this show could be the one.

Concerts, music festivals, live shows, etc are not meant to be locations of terrorism. They are safe places, where you leave life’s problems at the door and come together to celebrate. We bond over our love for the artists, dance until our feet can’t move anymore, and sing at the top of our lungs. We are safe, there.

Or at least, we should be.

All I can tell you my friends, is be safe. Be proactive. Be observant. Don’t let you guard down and do everything you can to ensure you have a fun and safe time.

Love, be passionate, and look out for everyone, because you’re in this together.


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Best Fall Fashion Accessories: JORD Wood Watches

Hello, my feminist friends!

Today, I’m going to be talking to you about JORD wood watches!

I love this gorgeous wooden watches, and the beautiful wooden box they came in; I’m super excited to be working with JORD. And, guess what! At the end of my post you’ll get a chance to enter a $100 giveaway with JORD! Even if you don’t win, you still get $25 to spend. How can you not enter?


Don’t you just love this watch? You can snag it here:

If you’re like me and fall is your favorite season, it’s about time to get cozy with your coffee and a good book! However, sometimes us introverts have to go outside, and these unique wooden watches are the perfect accessory for that! The women’s wood watches (and men’s too) are so elegant, while also providing a casual charm. I’m obsessed with mine!

These cool watches are a must have this fall season. I know these kinds of posts aren’t my usual content, but I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t truly love the product!

I first heard about JORD through Youtuber Channon Rose. She’s one of my favorite influencers, and also partnered with JORD for these cool watches. She often gets some of the wooden watches for gifts for her family, and with this giveaway, these wood watches would be the perfect Christmas gift!

Here’s the link to enter:

The contest will end on OCTOBER 1ST at 11:59 PM. Both the $100 and $25 codes will expire on DECEMBER 31ST.

I hope you guys love these watches as much as I do!

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Wooden Wrist Watch Lookbook

Hello, my feminist friends!

Today, I am putting together a little lookbook of 3/6 pairs of sunnies that sent me! My friend Hunter and I braved the North Georgia heat to get these shots, and I honestly love how they came out.’s sunnies are really chic, and I was surprised how well they fit and at the overall quality of the glasses. Needless to say, I am obsessed.


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Last Man Standing Should Not Have Been Canceled, From A Liberal Perspective

Image result for last man standing

Hello, my feminist friends!

Warning: There are spoilers in this post!

This weeks post is a little different from my regular feminist hoopla, because it’s something very close to my heart.

If you don’t know about Last Man Standing, it’s a conservative family sit-com starring Tim Allen. Now, this does not sound like a show a liberal-feminist would watch, right? Wrong. And here’s why.

Contrary to popular belief, many of the characters on the show are liberal (Kris, Ryan, etc) and they are characters I love. The show is about more than Mike Baxter’s republican vlogs, it’s about family.

Baxter could be my father. From their love of hunting, football, red meat, and politics– I have never related to a family-man more. While I may not agree with Baxter’s politics, I find myself enjoying his take on life, because it resembles someone in mine.

This show highlights the significance of the family dynamic. Kris, who got pregnant in high-school, is showered with help and understanding from her sisters and parents. Mandy starts her own fashion brand, and becomes very successful, while working from her parents basement. Eve eventually gets into the air force academy, and her parents couldn’t be more proud.

Now, I am a sucker for a good sit-com, but this show is so much more than that. It shows that the family bond is stronger than any political view– and honestly, it’s a breath of hilarious fresh air because it’s not very common that you see conservative family comedy.

Last Man Standing was abruptly canceled, and many of the actors (including Allen) have said that they are upset about not being able to properly say goodbye. ABC has given inconclusive answers as to why they canceled the series, but it is speculated that it’s because of Baxter’s conservative political views.

CMT has been mentioned as far as wanting to reboot LMS for a season 7, and if that’s something you’re interested in you can sign this petition.

LMS is not just for conservatives, but it’s for anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It’s for everyone. And for me, I am upset they allegedly canceled the show because of someone expressing their political views.

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, despite who you voted for.


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Snag Some Sunnies From Modern Gypsy

Hello, my feminist friends!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve been working in collaboration with Modern Gypsy as their guest blogger, but also as an ambassador. I’ve even got a discount code, which will be at the bottom of the post for you guys!

Taken by Lindsay Thomaston
Modern Gypsy sent me some cute Ringo Sunnies and a Rose Chocker to model for them, and my gal Lindsay and I went out to shoot.

One thing I *love* about Modern Gypsy is their themed sunglasses. From Janis Joplin to Kurt Cobain (you already know I’m obsessed) they have all your favorites. I have the Joplin sunnies in lavender, and the Ringo sunnies as well.

Modern Gypsy is run by a few awesome women, and they built it from nothing. Make sure to check them out, and use my discount link down below.

Taken by Lindsay Thomaston


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Feminist Face-Mask Friday With Yes To

Hello my feminist friends!

While I guess you could say face-masks are not exactly, “feminist” in and of themselves, taking some time to show yourself some love is empowering and liberating for you, as a feminist! I know that I often put self-care at the end of my daily task list, and almost never actually get to it; but a face mask is an excuse to take at least 10 minutes to yourself!

Yes To sent me a bunch of stuff in the mail, but my favorite was the Yes To Tomatoes DIY charcoal mask! My skin is very oily, and it helped reduce those oils and revitalize my skin.

Along with the Yes To Tomatoes DIY mask, I also received:

  • Yes To Coconut DIY Mask
  • Yes To Cotton Comforting Mud Mask
  • Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Mud Mask
  • Yes To Grapefruit 2-Step Face Kit
  • Yes To Coconut 2-Step Lip Kit

I can’t wait to continue trying all of these! I was pleasantly surprised with the masks I’ve tried so far– I generally try to use a face-mask once a week, or once every other week to rejuvenate my skin.

One thing I do LOVE about Yes To, is that they are cruelty free! They don’t test on animals, and for the majority of their products, they are vegan. Just perfect.

I highly recommend checking them out, and following them on Instagram: @yestocarrots. #YesToDIYMasks


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Daith Piercing Update: Bumps and Healing

Hello lovelies! For today’s post I’m going to give an update on my daith piercing, as well as some tips and tricks to get rid of those pesky daith bumps!

While researching, I saw some forum-related posts about daith bumps, but not any formal blog posts that are more informative. However, I recently got my first (keloid, I believe) bump and I’m in the process of healing it!

You can catch my first daith update here.

Just a quick summary: I got my daith pierced on February 24th, 2017. I changed the rod out for a ring after 7 weeks, and I didn’t get my first bump until June! Also, yes, my daith piercing has helped my migraines despite what my lovely piercer Eric (Props to New Vision if you’re in the Gainesville area) told me. Even if it’s the placebo effect, I’ll take it!


So, today is the first day I realized I had a bump! I turned to many forum websites to research further about it, and talked to a couple of my friends who have dealt with cartilage piercings as well.

Daith Bump Day One

Don’t fret! If you have a cartilage bump, they are normal! They stem from wounds trying to heal. Your piercing is a foreign object to your body, and it’s trying to push it out. To avoid these kinds of bumps avoid aggressive cleaning, and don’t sleep on the side the piercing is until it’s FULLY healed.

Daiths, unfortunately, are tricky in the healing process. Most websites say the healing time is 6 months to a year, while my piercer replaced my jewelry around 7-weeks and told me it had “healed nicely.”

Just clean them every day and take good care of your ear!

So after I did further research, I found that the most productive method of healing cartilage bumps is sea salt soaks. However, the daith is such a weird spot, I wanted to find a way to avoid sticking my entire ear in a bowl of hot sea salt water– and I did! As a bonus, it seems to be working!

The Healing Process

So my bump is already looking better! The method I discovered for cleaning it requires three things:

1. CVS Sterile Saline Wound Wash (Essentially salt water spray.)

2. Cotton Rounds (You can get these at any drugstore/grocery store.)

3. PURE Tea Tree Oil

What I’ve been doing so far is spraying the wound wash onto a cotton round, and folding the round up and holding it on my bump. Basically, I soak the bump for around 2-3 minutes twice a day; this is essentially the sea salt soak, but in an easier way!

Then once a day, or once every other day, I put a couple drops of tea tree oil on the cotton round and dab it onto the bump. Tea tree oil can be irritating for some people, and if that happens to you stop using it. However, I saw many great reviews on using it for cartilage bumps, and it seems to be helping me as well! I also use it for my acne when I have a bad break out.


Day Two Progress

It may not look it, but the bump is a lot smaller today.


After about a week the bump should be gone or almost gone! If you have more questions or concerns, go talk to your piercer and find out what works best for you.


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Feminine Every Month Project: Why I Am A FEMbassador

Hello lovelies! Today for my “make a change” post, I decided to talk about a cause that also aligns with my intersectional feminist beliefs; FEM Project.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a FEMbassador, meaning that I am an affiliate of FEM Project. However, the reason I got involved with them all has to do with social media and my never-ending Instagram obsession.

Before I delve into all that FEM entails, I thought I would share my period-horror story to combat the idea that menstruation is “gross” and “unnatural.” This is a part of who women are (and other’s that menstruate) and is a normal part of life!

When I was in middle school, I attended a Valentine’s Day dance lesson, essentially just a partner dance class. A boy I liked was supposed to meet me there to dance with me, but he never showed up. When I went to the restroom later that night, I had a new friend. SURPRISE! My period had arrived. I was so embarrassed, and had to call my grandmother to come get me. She helped me and gave me feminine hygiene products as well– which is the most important thing.

Thus, let me tell you a little bit about FEM and what they’re doing to make an impact in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully they will continue to grow!

FEM’s mission is to destigmatize the period and empower women to own their femininity! (YES!) They do this by supplying menstrual products to women all over LA. Their fearless leaders are constantly working to make a change, and empower women to own their femininity every month– one tampon at a time!

Feminine hygiene products can cost up to $70 a year, and without them, women risk getting infections as well as habitual discomfort. FEM works to provide women that can’t otherwise afford these products with them, while also battling to change the conversation about the period.

Since getting involved with FEM, I’ve met so many feminist-frands and became part of a rad community of people fighting the period stigma!

@femproject on Instagram

The FEM community is filled with headstrong mama’s that have come together for this cause. I reached out and asked some of them why they love FEM–

@amy.moralesp: “I love that I’ve been able to forge friendships with some of the raddest people ever.”

@a_nnabae: “I love being a FEMbassador because it’s introduced me to an amazing group of empowered, kick-ass girls. Plus, it’s amazing knowing that I’m helping girls get the tools they need to prevent their period from interrupting their daily life. Tampons and pads are far more important than people realize.”

@venejasco: “I love being a FEMbassador because it signifies that women are now becoming more comfortable with talking about their period and body. We don’t care how it makes others feel because it’s normal and a part of our anatomy. It feels good to be amongst women who stand up for this and this and that we are able to give back to our community and women in it.”

@kate.ripley: “The FEMproject has been so much more than I ever thought it would be! Everyone is so friendly and the LA group is full of bad ass babes doing bad ass things. Everyone is so supportive and the goal of this organization is so kind and needed. I’m looking forward to being more and more involved as I continue to help plan period parties and meet ups!”

@ailirene: “Something that originally attracted me to the FEM Project is how this organization and platform honestly interacts with fem and period stigmas. I especially like the emphasis on homeless women, particularly in Los Angeles. Growing up as a lower-SES person of color in a small town on the port of LA—where the statistics on homelessness is consistently high—I have developed a huge heart for homeless individuals, especially women, in my area. I have worked in partnership with various organizations to aide individuals with various necessities, however, I would like to join a movement specifically working with women. I am passionate about social issues. I am passionate about individuals. We so often overlook the people around us and I am grateful for organizations like FEM Project, who are actively working to make a much needed change. I want to be part of this change.”

And, one of our fearless leaders, @isabel_fields: “Every cis-female (and others) gets their period; it isn’t weird or abnormal, in fact it happens every month like clockwork. There is simply no reason women should be made fun of, ostracized, or told that they are less because of the normal act of menstruation. Why is the fact that I’m bleeding out of my vagina weird? FEM bridges the gap between homeless women, by providing them menstrual care, and those with the ability to give back, by allowing them the opportunity and platform to not longer feel ashamed. FEMbassadors bring this opportunity to their communities bringing everything full circle! Truly, FEMbassadors are the heart and soul of FEM!”

Make sure to follow these lovely ladies on Instagram!

The stigma around menstruation creates a derogatory conversation that the ladies of FEM are trying to bring an end to by providing feminine hygiene product to homeless women in LA; however, you can get involved as well! If you follow one of the links below, you can find out how to set up your own “period party” where you package and deliver tampons and pads to local women’s homeless shelters in your area!

I’m proud to be a part of FEM and host my first period party sometime this summer. Let’s change the conversation, and have a celebration of menstruation!

Do you want to get involved with FEM?

Follow them on Instagram: @femproject

To donate:

And other ways to get involved:


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Love (Always) Wins.

Photo by Kaila DiMarzio

In the midst of #PrideMonth, I am sitting here reflecting on my past with the LGBT+ community and how it has impacted me.

I remember sitting in my room on June 26th, and reaching for my phone. I logged onto Facebook (because that’s where everyone gets their news these days, right?) and I saw that LOVE WON. We did it.

As I raised my arms in celebration, I wondered why it has never been this way before. Why couldn’t people accept that love, in every form, is love? What is so hard to comprehend that sexuality is a spectrum?

While this baffled me, and still does to this day, I remember that not everyone can understand for the belief that it’s against their religion; or even coming down to being heterosexual and unable to relate to anyone that differs in sexuality. With “straight” being “normal” we are predisposed to the idea that any other sexuality is wrong.

We are taught that describing something as, “gay” is negative, and “no homo” is a phrase used to justify doing something semi-romantic with the same sex.

Photo by Lindsay Thomaston

These are words we should stop using in derogatory ways.

The people in my life that identify as LGBT+ are the best people I know. I love them inside and out, and would never try to change them. Who am I to try to alter the way someone chooses to love?

The closer I am to the city, I more often see openly gay and lesbian couples, but in my small mountain-town it is a rarity. There is more of an elderly demographic, despite the college smack in the middle of town. However, the few people I do see that are out (my dear friends, you know who you are) are simply the happiest people I’ve ever known.

They’re absolutely beautiful, and this is what “normal” should look like.

Photo by Anna-Grace Kidd

So, we go to the pride festivals, we wear rainbow with tutu’s and knee-high socks. We celebrate love in it’s loveliest form: it’s true form.

Love does not take shape in one certain way; it comes in all shapes and sizes, and fills the hearts of everyone it touches.

Love is pure.


is love.

Photos by Lindsay Thomaston

Most Aesthetic Places To Visit In Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville may be known for its country music and constant flow of up and coming musicians, but it also is the home of some modern-aesthetic art and shops. My brother and I went to Nashville this week, and part of my mission while in the city was to discover as many wall murals and drink as much coffee as possible. I found some cute places and made the best of my three days in the city!

The Soda Parlor Sign by Katiee-Rose

My favorite place in Nashville (and truly the reason my brother and I go so often) is The Soda Parlor.  The Soda Parlor is a unique shop filled with every kind of ice cream float you can imagine, and all the nostalgic arcade games that are free to play! My brother and I could spend hours here (in fact, we have) but it’s even more special to us because it was created by comedian Olan Rogers, who we’ve watched on YouTube for years now. We actually met him at the grand opening!

I recommend, for all my vegan friends, trying the lavender-vanilla Italian soda! However, if you are eating dairy, my brother always gets the Moose-Tracks ice cream, double scoop!

Another thing I love about The Soda Parlor, is the upstairs area. You can play old school Nes, while also chilling on the couches up there. Super cozy. If you’re an Olan fan, he also has his merch available for purchase (I got some lightening socks and a sticker this time!)

While we’re thinking about restaurants, knowing me, I had to scope out the best coffee shop in Nashville. While I was out taking pictures of various murals (which we’ll get to next!) I passed Frothy Monkey Coffee House. While Frothy Monkey is also a restaurant that serves dinner and wine, they also have the *best* coffee, and alternative milk options!

Frothy Monkey Coffee by Katiee-Rose

Not to mention, Frothy Monkey is walking distance from all the cute art murals and flower shops in Nashville! I went to the 12th Ave location, and pretty much walked to all the murals I wanted to see (minus the infamous Nashville Gulch Wings, but they were only a few minutes away!)

While I was researching the best art to find in Nash-vegas, I came across this blog: 

I went to almost every single one! If you’re curious about the addresses, you can find them all on her blog post.


My favorite would have to be the “Make Music Not War” mural, that one was walking distance from Frothy Monkey! Also, check out @KelseyMontagueArt on Instagram, her wings are gorgeous and you can even peep the baby wings (perfect for a doggo) in the bottom right of the wings shot.


For more about my Nashville trip check out my Instagram: @rosecafletic

Also, let me know if you know some more cute places in Nashville I need to check out!